The loafer look

Cute outfits looks good with sneakers, heels, platforms, gladiator heels, boots, sandals…and the list goes on. However, outfits look extremely sexy when paired with the right loafers, which are in fashion these days. Fashion is fickle so hang on to your loafers, you’ll thank me later.  This is because loafers are easy to slip-on and slip-off, thus allowing convenience with a stylish outfit. So how to wear loafers with different outfits ? what pants to wear with loafers?  We have compiled a list to styling loafers shoes for women in different ways.
Metallic loafers can be matched with bright red trousers, pinstriped t-shirt and a black blazer. This makes an extremely stylish dress to wear with loafers.  The skinny jean always looks great if you’re tall and skinny and adding loafers to your look is a hot and sexy way to look amazing.  Color co-ordinated clothes with loafers look great on young girls, especially a bright blue outfit.  You can even try a more subtle look with colors such as tans and blacks mixed with cream colored bags and a cool pair of sun glasses.

The street and city look for loafers are one of my favorites.  A perfect casual wear for a street style with loafers.  Cropped jeans and a bulky sweater is adorable.  For those with cheetah print loafers, you can wear a tan brown blazer to match your shoes.  You can even wear loafers and a stylish look to work