White jeans

Spring is coming (I promise) and with it an excuse to invest in new shoes.  Whether you’re looking for a new pair of sandals for an impending holiday or transitional styles that will see you through to summer, Mosser’s has you covered.  Boots, sliders, sandals, brogues, kitten heels,

wedges and mules, high-end and high street, see our pick of the most desirable shoes for spring/summer 2017…

When you’ve found your perfect pair you can have a look at 10 summer trends you should be wearing them with.

White is back for spring, and we’ve picked out the best white jeans available.

You can remove that image of Liz Hurley, and think about all the women who have worn white jeans and made them look good – We’re not saying that they’re easy to wear; they attract dirt quicker than ten year old boy, but they are the most summery denim you can wear.  Now you can wear them a little torn and even cropped and the look is still amazing.

But lets take a closer look and ask ourselves a most important question – What should you wear them with?   Ah ha – mix of classic white T-shirts and sometimes a pretty off-the-shoulder top. I like a crisp shirt (which you could knot depending on how you feel about Riviera-esque chic), which looks grown-up in a very modern way. We also like them with a fine knit jumper and white Keds – very Baby from Dirty Dancing.

Now just go easy on the red wine and avoid sitting on grass.  But as long as we’re on the subject of white denim, not all jeans are created equal. There is nothing worse than heading out on a warm summer weekend in optic white jeans only to realize your your jeans are too thin and can be seen through. When wearing these tricky fashion must have, we would always suggest paying attention to how thick the fabric is, but there’s nothing more fashionable then a sexy white pair of jeans.